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Project Description
Instigator is a portable launcher application written in WPF. It filters short cuts you create to enable quick and easy access to your commonly used applications, files, folders and URL's.

Screen Shot:

Similar to other launcher applications, but differs in the fact that it only pulls short-cuts to applications you define. Little more focused then Windows 7 or Enso which seem to pull a great deal of your hard drive into your launch list.

Configuring Instigator
  • Build the application
  • Copy the contents of the bin file (Sysknowlogy.Instigator.exe, Sysknowlogy.Instigator.exe.config) to where you would like to run the application.
  • Edit the config file so Instigator knows where to find your short-cuts. Remove any DiscoveryPaths that you do not want Instigator to load.

Using Instigator
  • Start the executable, after the splash screen disappears the application is loaded.
  • Use Ctl-Win to bring up the search window. Right now this is not configurable, it will be in later releases.
  • This should bring up the application with the list of short-cuts that you defined in your discovery paths.
  • Begin typing to limit the list of items to launch. The search uses a contains to filter… as you type it will eliminate your options.
  • Once the items fore color you are looking for is highlighted, hit enter.

Known Issues
  • Focus set to the filter textbox sometimes doesn't get set... especially after trying to launch a short-cut that no longer exists. To fix it, you will need to click in the filtering textbox with your mouse.

Reporting errors / problems
While in the launch filter textbox, type in “report” which will result in a “report a problem or bug” in the drop down. Select that item and hit enter. This will launch the default mail client and allow you to mail me a bug.

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